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The core consists of the muscles of the lumbo-pelvic region, hips, abdomen, and lower back. These muscles play a role in every movement we make and offer vital support to our hips and knees. Developing a strong core decreases lower back pain, improves posture and balance, reduces fatigue and increases all-over body strength and mobility.

Visualize a core as a bowl full of water with arms and legs and another core where the water is frozen. The liquid water core spills with each movement and does not offer any support for the rest of the body. The frozen water provides the support necessary during all movements, whether its walking, running, bending, lifting, reaching.  Imagine falling down with liquid for a core...there is nothing to help you get up. And remember, a weak core overrides strong arms and legs.

Core strengthening exercises are varied and can be performed at any level and in any position.


Check out one of my favorite core exercises in the video below.